What can be registered as an industrial design?

A wide variety of elements can be registered as an industrial design, such as: Lines, contours, shapes, textures, materials, furniture, shoes, watches, jewelry, textile prints, household appliances, vehicles, technical and medical instruments, shop windows, interior design of shops, architectural structures, web pages, book covers, magazines …

Which are the requirements?

In order to register an industrial design, this must be new and have a unique character. That is to say, no 0dentical or almost identical industrial design should have been made public previously.

Regarding the singular character, it is understood that it must produce to the users, different impression that the one caused by any other previous public design.

In addition, it is necessary that the design does not violate public order or good customs.

How long does it last?

Depending on the terrytory that it has been registered, for example, a Community registered design will have a duration of 5 years from the date of filing of the application and can be renewed for consecutive periods of 5 years up to a total of 25.

However, an industrial design that is not registered will give to its owner a protection of 3 years from the date it has been made public. Not being able to extend this term.

Why is it advisable and beneficial to register an industrial design?

By registering an industrial design, the owner obtains the exclusive right to use it, being able to prevent its reproduction or imitation by third parties, provided that it is not consented to by the owner.

In addition, it gives its products a differentiating character to the products of its competitors.

On the other hand, the owner can obtain economic benefits by granting licenses to third parties or by selling it.

What territories can be covered?

Depending on the interest of the owner, the industrial design can be registered at national, community or international level.

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Maria Carcelen
June 19, 2020